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The Montana OER program was created in collaboration between TRAILS and the Montana University System (MUS).  This program is part of the MUS' initiative to make higher education more affordable for Montana students.  Sponsored by the MUS Board of Regents and supported by the TRAILS academic library community, this program to address textbook affordability is truly a statewide effort.

Who We Are

Montana's higher education community is proud to join the national and worldwide community of open education.  While many states, regions, and institutions have already forged a path, Montana is doing things a little differently.  

With TRAILS leading this initiative, the Board of Regents made a dynamic and inclusive statewide program possible, encompassing public, private, and tribal institutions of higher education.  

This program seeks to change the culture of affordable and accessible education in Montana while respecting and recognizing the diverse research and educational programs, cultures, and indigenous peoples of the state.

What Makes Us Unique

What We Do

Support - and guidance to students, faculty, staff, and administrators alike to help each unique Montana campus in its textbook affordability efforts.

Professional Development - TRAILS provides trainings, workshops, and other educational opportunities for faculty and instructional support staff .

Grant Incentives - the Board of Regents has provided funding for faculty to find, evaluate, develop, or even create OER materials.

Publishing, Copyright, & Creative Commons assistance.

Building a community - connecting Montana faculty with the state and worldwide open education networks, bringing cultural change and communication across institutional and geographic borders.

As such, we are proud members of the Open Textbook Network, Open Education Global, and the Community College Consortium for Open Education.

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